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Weld billet drag star erco dino dynosaur cms custom metal spinning Bubble zero offset front wheels. 3.5 inches wide with 3.5 inch backspacing. This wheel will no clear the empi wide 5 lug Deano Dyno Soar (DDS) Alum-A-Lite  douglas centerline cms weld Made to your specs. We customize your motorcycle wheels to a larger diameter or in a wider width also. All modified in house in the USA. Many combinations available.sandy Kosman Specialties cms wheel, Douglas, Centerline, Weld, saco custom metal spinning, Made in USA CMS spun aluminum heat treated wheels for VW Volkswagen have been the racer choice for years. This Cms spun aluminum wheel is used on Drag cars, offroad buggies and the occasion
2 Made in USA CMS front spindle mount billet star combo wheels VW Sandcar Buggy Made in USA spindle mount beadlock wheels. These CMS wheels use a heavy duty link pin sealed bearing center hubs for added strength. The bead lock ring is made in USA by Champion. These wheels are made with heat treated 2.0 inner and 3.5 inch outer spun h Zero offset front wheels. 3.75 inches wide with 4 inch backspacing. Unlike the Erco zero offset wheel, this wheel will clear the empi wide 5 lug front brake Deano Dyno Soar (DDS) Alum-A-Lite  douglas centerline cms weld