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Its been said that you can learn a lot about the quality of a product by meeting the people responsible for its manufacture, and seeing firsthand how much pride the employees take in their work.

CMS has been in business for more than 40 years now, and there are now three generations of Walter Jenkins working there on a daily basis. To make things easy on their clients, they simply refer to themselves as "Walter number one, number two, and number three." Several years before Custom Metal Spinning ever came into existence, Walter number one was learning the process of metal spinning at an independent job shop after leaving the Air Force.

He learned about the properties of different metals, working with metal spinning equipment, and what's involved with producing different items from start to finish. Years later, while working at another metal spinning business, Walter struck up a conversation with a neighbor that also shard a similar interest in the sport of off-roading. When the neighbor showed Walter a Cragar wheel that he was using, Walter realized he could make as good a wheel and sell it for a lower price. So, during the early 1970's, CMS was formed and one of their first products was a two-piece, bolt together wheel.

Their selling tactic was based around the idea that racers would have more versatility, by using a lightweight wheel with different available offsets. It also enabled car builders to change inner and outer wheel haves for the desired offset, and run any desired tire width. CMS also prided themselves on manufacturing the light weight wheels with uniform strength and close tolerances, and they didn't shatter like the steel wheels on the market.